Friday, September 19, 2014

Art Jornal

Some more art I've done in the past couple months.   
 Trilliam lake

These pictures make me happy!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

New School Year

The Kiddos started the new school year in August. 

 Ean is in 4th grade now
 Garrett is starting 1st grade
Kaylie is in her last year at the middle school in 8th grade!

They were excited to go back and seem to be doing great so far. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hiking Red Rock

We enjoy hiking as a family around here but sometimes getting kids out the door can be a lot of work (lots of whining and moaning.) We decided to go explore an open space area called Red Rock. It had lots of rock to climb and once climbed the kids would yell "take my picture!" 
It was a really beautiful area and we had a great time. 

Easter 2014

 Aaron was in charge of Easter egg hunts this year. Our ward put on one at a park close to the church and the three younger kids enjoyed running around finding eggs. For the youth they did geocaching.

I have been practicing for Sally DeFords Easter Cantata that has been tradition for 23 years in the Colorado Springs area. There were a 130+ volunteer choir along with pianist, organist, violin, cellist, and bells. It was called I Stand All Amazed and was about the life of Christ. It was really wonderful to be a part of such and awesome choir and production. 

I love these kids!!


April was busy. We celebrated Aaron's birthday.

 We went to the Garrett and Ean's School for an Arty Party where the school displayed several art pieces of each child. They were lovely. 

 One weekend we went to the Big cool Science Fair where we played with liquid nitrogen bubbles
 made butter, played with chalk where Aubrey wrote all of her name for the first time. 

 We looked through telescopes, saw zoo animals and went up a bell tower. It was a fun fair. 

Dying easter eggs happened

 The kids have been saving since last fall for this trampoline and they finally saved enough for it. They are loving it.

And Aaron was able to finish building up his new cross bike. He  is happy with the results!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Art Journaling

Here is some more of the art I have been doing. I think I will go back and actually journal some of these pages soon. 

Cripple Creek Ice festival

Cripple Creek is a little over an hour away and it is an old mining town turned casino town. They were having an ice festival the first couple weekends in Feb. We decided to take a drive and see a little more of Colorado.
 The theme was Cartoons. We saw the little mermaid, scooby doo, looney toons, and more.

This was an ice slide. Garrett especially enjoyed it. 

 In the ice maze.

 There were several museums that were open to the public that day too so we went and checked those out too.
 The view coming into to the valley. It was gorgeous!
Over all it was a fun outing. It was good to explore a little. I'm glad we went.